Digital Storytelling

Immersive Stories for Online, Mobile and Social

Welcome to this Website!

I assist publishers, small businesses and big companies as well as individuals, NGOs, governmental departments and local councils with digital content production and training.


I produce multimedia stories for websites, mobile devices and social media. You need a video for your website or Facebook? Insta Stories for your campaign? Snackable content for your website or solid reporting for your digital channels? Get in touch, for I’ve worked as an editor and a reporter for more than 25 years and I’ve been focussing on digital storytelling since 2009. I have a comprehensive understanding of smartphone videography – filming with iPhones and Android devices – and how to integrate smartphones into your workflow. Also, I’m passionate about all things tech.


I organize and deliver professional training and consultancy in digital storytelling: I’ll show you how you can turn your smartphone into a professional production tool – how to film and edit with it. In my workshops, you can also learn how to produce captivating multimedia features, Snackable Content or how to write the perfect social media post.

Bernhard Lill hosts workshops on digitals storytelling.

I run my trainings as face-to-face seminars or as online courses. My workshops are all tailor-made to meet your specific needs – no matter whether you are a journalist, a PR specialist or a business owner.

How can I serve you? Get in touch. Send me an e-mail or give me a call. I’m looking forward to talking with you.